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S631: Athena Log

S631: Athena Log Cheat Sheet Guide What is Athena Log? With Athena Log, you have the ability to record both static and RTK measurements at the same time. Check out the write up below on static measurements.  Static Measurements How Do I Record Static Data? To record static data with the Hemisphere S631, you will […]

S631: Factory Reset

S631 Factory Reset Cheat Sheet Guide Why Would I Perform a Factory Reset? A factory reset works by restarting and performing a self check on your receiver. Think of it as booting your computer in safe mode. It it will not reset any of your settings.  To begin, we will need to login into the […]

Static Storage Location

Static Storage Location Cheat Sheet Guide How Can I Save Static to an SD Card? Sometimes, it is nice to be able to save the static data you are recording to a location other than the internal memory.  To begin, you will want to connect to the WebUI. For more information on how to connect […]

Activating Atlas

Activating Atlas Cheat Sheet Guide Enabling Receiver Activations To enable additional activations on the receiver like Hemisphere’s Atlas service you will need a $J code. In order to gain one of these codes, please contact us via email ( or via phone (1-888-286-3204).  To begin, you will need to connect to the WebUI interface. Please […]