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Custom Coordinate Systems

What Do I Do If My Coordinate System Is Not Present?

If the coordinate system you need is not present, you can create a custom coordinate system. This allows you to enter all of the parameters you need in order to create your own custom system. 

Creating a System

To a Custom Coordinate System you can go through two menus, the New Project menu, or the Project Details menu. For more information on the creating a new project, select the guide below.

To access the Project Details menu, select the Information button underneath any project. 

Within the Project Details menu, select the Coordinate System list option. 

Now, within the Coordinate System menu, select the three dots next to the Custom Coordinate System drop down. 

From the resulting menu, select the Define New option. 

With the Define New option selected, enter all the relevant information for the Coordinate System. This includes the Radii, Datum Type and Projection. Once complete, select Save.

Now, your coordinate system will be available to select under the Custom Coordinate system option. 

Once the Coordinate System is selected, you will be returned to the main coordinate system menu. You can now select your coordinate system from the dropdown. 

Creating a Project

Importing a CSV File

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