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Downloading Grid Shift Files

What is a Grid Shift File?

A grid shift does exactly what you would think, it allows for the conversion from one coordinate system to another. This is especially useful over a large area. For more information, check out this Nova Scotia GeoNova explanation. 

To download a Grid Shift file you can go through two menus, the New Project menu, or the Project Details menu. For more information on the creating a new project, select the guide below.

To access the Project Details menu, select the Information button underneath your project. 

In Project Details select the Coordinate System list option.

Within the Coordinate Systems menu, select the Grid Shift Catalogue option. 

Next locate, the region you want to download the Grid Shift file for. Once located select the download arrow. 

Once the download is complete, you can return to the previous screen and begin your survey. 

Creating a Project

Importing a CSV File

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