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Importing a Geoid File

What is a Geoid File?

A geoid file is a vertical coordinate system that corrects for the distortion in the Earth’s shape caused by gravity. In reality, the Earth is not a perfect ellipsoid, as is assumed in the Ellipsoidal model. A Geoid file corrects for this. Typically, differences between 20-30 m / 65-100 ft will be seen in elevation. To lean more, check out the below link. 

How Do I Load a Geoid?

Loading a geoid file is very easy in FieldGenius. To load the Geoid file, you can  either create a new project, or go through the Project Information menu. To learn how to create a New Project, see the below guide. 

In this guide, we are going to assume you are adding the Geoid through the Project Information menu. To access the menu, select the Information button on any project. 

In project details, locate the Vertical system and select Catalog. If you have already downloaded a Geoid file, select it from the dropdown.  

Once in the Catalog, you can locate your Geoid file by searching for the region or name of the file. 

Once you have located the system, select the download arrow. As long as the device is connected to the internet, the download will be initialized.

Once downloaded, the Geoid will remain on the device until deleted, regardless of internet connection. After the download is complete, return to the Project Details menu by selecting the Back Arrow

Once in the Project Details menu, select the downloaded Geoid from the dropdown. 

Once selected, any points in the project will be reprocessed in the new system, and any future points will have their elevations adjusted to the Geoid.

Creating a Project

Importing a CSV File

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