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Importing an ASCII File

How Do I Import a .csv or .txt File?

One of the most common point list formats is the venerable csv or txt format. Fortunately, it is very simple to import these file types into FieldGenius. 

Before you begin, ensure you know the location of your saved point file. From the Main Menu, select the Import option. 

Importing in FieldGenius for Android

Next, ensure that the File Type is set to Coordinate File. Once selected, choose the Browse this Device option. 

Next navigate to the location of the file. Select the file. 

Once selected, you will be asked to confirm the details for the file. If the details are correct, select the Import option. 

Ensure that your file format matches the select Incoming File Format

Once confirmed, you will receive a message indicating the number of successfully imported points. Select Done to continue.

Select Done to continue. You are now ready to survey.

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