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Localization Import

Have You Created a Localization File in Another Project?

If you have created a localization file in another project you may want to move it to a new project. Fortunately this is extremely easy.

Before you begin ensure that you know the original project the localization file is in. To begin select the Project Data option in the Main Menu

Project Data FieldGenius Android

Within the Project Data menu, select the GNSS Local Transformation option. 

Once selected, choose the Select From Existing Project option. This will allow you to select a localization file from any existing project. 

Once selected, locate the project with the localization file you wish to import. 

Next you will receive a message indicating that existing measurements have been recalculated. Select OK

Recalculate Points Localization

Next confirm the Transformation by selecting Done

You are now ready to continue surveying. 

Performing a Localization

Shooting a Point

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