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Updating and Installing

Installing and Updating FieldGenius

Getting FieldGenius set up and updated is a simple yet essential step to keep things running smoothly with the latest bug fixes and drivers. But, before you get going, it’s good to do a quick check on a couple of things. 

1. When does the maintenance on your license expire? You will only be able to put on the update with a release date before the expiration of your maintenance. 

2. Ensure that you have a way to either copy the file to the data collector or ensure it is connected to the internet to download the file directly. 

Finding the Latest Version of FieldGenius

Discovering the latest FieldGenius for Windows versions is a breeze with two convenient options. Firstly, our newsletter is your go-to source for immediate updates on FieldGenius Windows, Android, and Hemisphere. To stay updated, simply request access to our newsletter by using the ‘Contact Support’ feature located in the top right corner of this web page.

Alternatively, the MicroSurvey Help Desk Website houses a comprehensive archive of all MicroSurvey software versions (MSCAD, STAR*NET, FieldGenius and more). Access this repository by clicking the button below.

Once the site has been accessed, locate the latest version of the software. Once located, select the latest version download link. The file will start downloading immediately. 

Once download, ensure the file is copied or on the data collector. From here on out, we will be on the Android data collector in order to perform the installation. 

Installing FieldGenius

To install the software on your device navigate to the location of the .apk file. Launch the apk file by selecting it. Your screen may look different depending on your device.

Upon launching the .apk file, you will be prompted to confirm the installation. If you have an existing copy, it will ask to overwrite the file. Select Install

Once installed, you will receive a message indicating that the installation was successful. Close this message. 

Once installed you can find the app in your app tray. Open the app by selecting it. 

Opening FieldGenius

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