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Creating a New Point Description

Need to Make a New Descriptions?

Need to better describe your points? With FieldGenius you can customize your code list to meet your needs exactly. 

To start, head to the Project Data tab. 

Project Data FieldGenius Android

Within the Project Data menu, select the Codes option. 

To add a Code, select the Add option in the bottom right corner. 

Once selected, you will be prompted to enter all of the relevant information on the Description

Code: This is what will be displayed on the Map Screen and can be used to quickly bring the code up when saving a point. 

Code Description: Use this field to give more detail on what the description is to be used for. 

Line Code: This will allow the description to be associated with a new line. 

Point Symbol: The Point symbol is what is graphically displayed on the Map Screen. 

Point Colour: This will change the colour of the graphical icon on the Map Screen

Layer Name: Use this setting to assign the description to a specific layer that can be enabled or disabled. 

Once complete, select Save

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