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Adding a Note to a Point

Want to Add More Information to Your Points?

Sometimes a simple description is not enough to show all the information you need on a point. That is where notes can come in handy!

This can either be done when first storing a point, or by editing a point after it is stored. To begin, select the User Defined button to open the Point Database. Press here to save the 

Map screen of fieldgenius, with the user defined button highlighted.

Once the Point Database is selected, locate the point you wish to edit and select it.

Once selected, press the Edit option. 

Once the Edit option is selected, press the Enter Note option. 

Within the Note for Point option, enter any relevant information. This could be in the form of images, audio or text.

Once entered, select the Ok option to save the notes. 

Finally, select Store Point to finalize the changes. 

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