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Cloning a Project

How Do I Copy a Project?

Sometimes, it might be useful to clone or copy a project so that you can work on it without damaging the original. There are two ways to do this, either by copying the job folder, or by restoring the raw file. In this guide, we are going to cover how to do this with a raw file. 

Restoring a Project

Before you begin, you will want to ensure that you have saved the .raw file in a location that you can easily locate. The .raw file is typically stored in the FieldGenius Project Directory, which can normally be found under: Documents -> MicroSurvey -> FieldGenius -> FG Projects. Do not rename the file, as this can cause issues. Simply copy the file to a new location. 

With the file located, navigate to the Project Manager and select New Project

Within the New Project menu, give the project a name. It does not have to match the original project. 

With the name entered, next select the Project Settings option.

Next ensure the settings match what was previously set in the other project. To restore a 1:1 copy of the project, ensure all of the settings are identical. For more information on these menus, please consult the New Project guide. 

Next to ensure your data is transferred, select the Project Files option.  

Within the Project Files menu, you will want to select the three dots next to Copy Existing. This will allow you to select your saved raw file. 

Using the Windows File Explorer, navigate to the location of your raw file. Once located select it and select Open.

With the file selected, you can also bring in your previous description library by selecting an existing Project Automap file. Your points with existing descriptions will not be affected if the old file is not brought in. 

Select Continue to begin the project restoration.  

You will be asked if you want to generate a new observation records. Select Yes

Once you confirm the new observation records, you will be asked if you want to overwrite any existing points. Select Yes.

To load your project, select OK.

You are now ready to survey! All of your points and observations should be properly loaded into the project. 

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