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Creating a Description Library

How Can I Use the Same Descriptions in Every Project?

Often times, once you have created a description library, it can be a real hassle to recreate it on every project. Fortunately, you can import a description library into FieldGenius. 

There are multiple ways to create a description library. You can either manually create a csv file, or simply add to the file as you work. The descriptions will be saved to the file continually as you add them.

In this guide, we are going to assume you have an already existing file, whether manually created or from an existing project. 

How Do I Use an Existing Description File?

Before you begin, make sure you know the location of your description file. If it is from an existing project, it will be present in the Project Folder

To start, open FieldGenius and select New Project. For more details on creating a New Project, please see the guide below. 

Within the New Project menu, select the Project Files option. 

Next, select the three dots next to the Project Automap option. 

Next, navigate to the location of the Description file and select Open

Your description library is now selected, and you can press Continue to finish setting up the project. 

Creating a Project

Importing Data (.txt)

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