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Custom Coordinate Systems

How do I Create a Custom Coordinate System?

You may want to create a custom coordinate system if using a unique or coordinate system that has been created for a local region. To create a custom coordinate system, you can either access the menu through the New Project menu, or through the Coordinate System Menu. To see how to access Coordinate Systems through the Project Creation menu, see the link below. 

To access the Coordinate System menu, select the Main Menu, by selecting the Plumb Bob

Within the Main Menu, select the Settings option. 

Next select the Coordinate System option. 

Within the Coordinate System menu, select the Edit List option next to the Horizontal System

To create the Custom Coordinate system, select the Add option. 

Next select the Create New User Coordinate System. You can also create a custom system based up on an existing system by selecting Create New User Coordinate System From Database Selection

In the New-User Defined System, enter the information related to the Coordinate System. Once entered select OK

Once saved, you will have the option to select the Coordinate System you created. Select the coordinate system and press OK

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