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Exporting a Coordinate System

Why Would I Export a Coordinate System?

If you have created a custom coordinate system, it may be easier to move that coordinate system to another data collector, rather than manually recreating the coordinate system. See the below guide on more information on how to create your own coordinate systems. 

To export your Coordinate System, select the plumb bob in the bottom left corner to open the Main Menu

Select Import/Export to access the export menu. 

Within the Import/Export menu, select the Coordinate Systems option. 

Within the Coordinate Systems menu, select the User Coordinate System Export option. 

Once selected you will be prompted to choose the save location for the User Coordinate System File. Once the location has been navigated give the file a name and select Save. This will export all the user coordinate systems that are currently in the data collector.

Once the files have been exported, you will receive a message indicating if it was successful. 

Once selected, you will be returned to the Map Screen where you can continue to survey. 

Creating Custom Coordinate Systems

Importing a Coordinate System

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