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What Version of FieldGenius?

What Version Of FieldGenius Are You Running?

Understanding what version of FieldGenius is important when you go to update. There are two numbers you need to understand, the Major and Minor version. Each FieldGenius version is denoted by the major version, which is the first two numbers and the minor version which is the numbers after the first decimal point. 

Your license will always be valid within a major version. For example, if you are version 11.2, you can upgrade to version 11.6 without having to make any changes. If you wish to go from one major version to another, for example 10 to 11 you will need to ensure your license maintenance is valid. Give us a shout at 1-888-286-3204 if you need a hand. 

Locating Your Version

To locate the version of FieldGenius currently installed on your data collector, select the Main Menu option within your software. 

Within the Main Menu select, the Settings option. 

Within the Settings menu select About. This will contain all the information on your software version as well as the license activations. 

Above the Device ID and Key information you can find the Version

To exit the menu, you can select Cancel

Installing FieldGenius

Registering FieldGenius

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