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Importing a Localization

Want to Use an Existing Localization?

Recreating a localization every time you visit site, or have another surveyor visit a site is not practical. Fortunately, it is very simple to import your localization into a project. For more information on creating a localization, see the links below. 

Importing the Localization

To begin, locate the .loc file you wish to import. For existing FieldGenius projects, it will be located in the Project folder. 

Next, select the Plumb Bob icon in the bottom left corner. 

Once in the Main Menu, select the Survey Tools option. 

Within the Survey Tools menu, select GNSS Local Transformation

Next, select the Import Parameters option. Do note, this will overwrite any existing localization. 

Confirm that you are ok to delete any existing localization. Do note, points already transformed will not be changed unless you press the recalculate point option. 

Once selected, navigate to the location of your file and select open. 

Once selected, you will be returned to the GNSS Local Transformation main menu. If you wish to reprocess existing GNSS Points, select the Adjust GNSS Points option. 

To return to the main menu, select Go Back

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