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Installing and Updating FieldGenius

How Do I Update FieldGenius?

Getting FieldGenius set up and updated is a simple yet essential step to keep things running smoothly with the latest bug fixes and drivers. But, before you get going, it’s good to do a quick check on a couple of things. 

1. Take a look at your data collector’s operating system. Is it on Windows or Windows Mobile? 

2.Then, if it’s on Windows Mobile, make sure it’s all connected using Windows Mobile Device Center. And if Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) is not opening, please see the patch below. 

3. What version of FieldGenius are you currently running? To check what version you are running, please see the FieldGenius Version Guide. 

Finding the Latest Version of FieldGenius

Discovering the latest FieldGenius for Windows versions is a breeze with two convenient options. Firstly, our newsletter is your go-to source for immediate updates on FieldGenius Windows, Android, and Hemisphere. To stay updated, simply request access to our newsletter by using the ‘Contact Support’ feature located in the top right corner of this web page.

Alternatively, the MicroSurvey Help Desk Website houses a comprehensive archive of all MicroSurvey software versions (MSCAD, STAR*NET, FieldGenius and more). Access this repository by clicking the button below.

Once the site has been accessed, locate the latest version of the software. Once located, select the All Downloads link. 

Once selected, choose the version that corresponds to your operating system. For Windows Tablet/PC, download the EXE file. For the Windows Mobile and CE version you have two options. You can either select the EXE file, or the CAB file. For the EXE file, continue with this guide. The CAB file must first be copied to the data collector and launched on the data collector. 

Once the file has downloaded, navigate to your downloads folder. Locate the install file and launch it. 

Launching the Installer

Once launched, you will be prompted to give permission to the installer to make changes to your device. Select Yes.

Next select the file location where you would like to have the program saved. We recommend leaving it on the default. 

You will prompted to select the application shortcut options for your system. Leave the ones you want checked, and uncheck the ones you do not wish to see. We typically leave all options selected. Select Install to continue

The installer will then run through its install routine. Once finished select Finish

Once complete, you will be asked to restart the system to finish the install. You will need to perform the reset on both Windows 10 and 11, as well as Windows Mobile.

Once the device has restarted, select the FieldGenius Icon to launch the program. 

Registering FieldGenius

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