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Map Screen Settings

Need a More Customized Map Experience?

Want to have more control over your Map Screen and what you see? Fortunately, with the Map Configuration menu, this is very simple. 

To begin, select the Options menu in the top right corner. 

Within the Options menu, select the Map Configuration section. 

Show ID: Will display the point ID number on the Map Screen.

Show Description: Will display the point description on the Map Screen.

Show Elevation: Will display the point elevation on the Map Screen.

Level of Detail: When enabled, FieldGenius will hide or display the elevation, point ID, and description based on the Zoom Level. This is useful in keeping the Map Screen from getting too cluttered. 

Text Size (Map View): This will control the size of the text on your map screen making things easier (or harder) to read. 

Map Position Select: When enabled, this will allow you to manually place points on the Map Screen simply by clicking the Map Screen.

Map Point Select: Will allow you to select a point from the Map Screen. 

For the last two options, you may have to scroll down slightly. 

Map Line Select: Will allow you to select a line from the Map Screen.

Map DXF Entity Select: Will allow you to select a dxf entity from the Map Screen.

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