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Creating a New Job

How Do I Create a New Project?

Before starting any new job, you will have to create a new project folder. Fortunately, this is a super easy process. When you first load FieldGenius, you will be greeted by the Project Manager. (Alternatively, select the Plumb Bob icon, and then Project Manager.)

To create a new project, select New Project at the bottom. Do note, in any menu, if you select Save as Default the settings will be carried through to any future projects. 

Next, select give the project a name. 

Once the name has been entered, select Ok

Once the name has been saved, the next step is to the distance and angle units. This is found in the Units and Scale menu.

Select the Distance and Angle unit that best matches your needs. Make sure this is set correctly, if set incorrectly, you will not be able to switch at a later time. 

Once the units have been set, select Ok

Next, the coordinate system will be need to be selected. Select Coordinate System

First select the Horizontal coordinate system from the drop down. If you do not have the system you need in the System dropdown please see the guides on Coordinate Systems. 

Next, select the Vertical system. If you do not have the vertical system you need, please consult the guide on installing a Geoid File. 

Once the coordinate system has been selected, select Ok

With the units and coordinate system saved, the next menu to set is the Project Files menu. This includes the Raw File and the Description options. Select Project Files

Within the Project Files menu, you have the ability to load a pre-existing Raw File and AutoMap File. For more information on creating your own description libraries and restoring projects from the raw file, please see the linked guides.

The final part of the project setup, select the Project Information option. This is entirely optional.

In the Project Information menu, you can enter information on the equipment, users and general notes. Once entered, select Ok.

Once all the information has been entered, select Ok to save the project. 

You will then be loaded into the Map Screen, where you can continue with your surveying. 

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