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Registering FieldGenius

What Do I Need Before Registering FieldGenius?

Before register your copt of FieldGenius, you are going to want to check a couple of different things. 1. First is your license valid for the version of FieldGenius you have installed? If you are unsure, please give us a call at 1-888-286-3204. 2. Do you have the latest version of FieldGenius installed? You will not be able to register the software without first having the software installed. To check, see our guides on installing, updating and checking your FieldGenius version. 

Where Do I Register My License?

Once you have FieldGenius installed, head to the FieldGenius license registration page. 

Enter the license into the registration field. Once entered select Submit

Next, you will need to retrieve the  Device ID within FieldGenius. To do this, open your copy of FieldGenius, and open any Project. From the Map Screen, select the Plumb Bob icon to access the Main Menu

Next, select the Settings option. 

Within Settings, select About

Within the About FieldGenius menu, the Device ID, will be located above the Key field. 

Next, return to the Registration page. Enter the Device ID into the corresponding field. Make sure you correctly enter the Device ID, if entered incorrectly, you will not be able to register the license. 

Once entered select Submit. A Key will be generated, and this is what is to be entered into FieldGenius to activate your license. Once entered, select Apply Key.

If entered correctly, the Invalid Key message will change to indicate what modules are active within the license. 

Installing FieldGenius

Creating a Project

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