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Seleting a Cooridinate System

What is a Coordinate System?

When surveying a coordinate system allows you to take real world coordinates and project them on to map. Understanding which coordinate system you need before you start is crucial in ensuring that your coordinates are useable at the end of the survey. 

For a more detailed explanation, please see the link below. In this guide, we are going to cover the Horizontal system. 

Which Coordinate System Should I Use?

Knowing which coordinate system to use is the first step before you start your survey. To ensure you are using the correct coordinate system for your area, consult your survey plan or the local surveying board. 

How Do I Select a Coordinate System?

There are two areas within FieldGenius that you can set the Coordinate System. The first can accessed through the Project Manager, New Project menu. Please see the below guide for more information on accessing it through a New Project

To access the Coordiante System menu, select the Plumb Bob in the bottom left corner of the Map Screen

Within the Main Menu, select the Settings option. 

Within the Settings menu, select the Coordinate System option.

Within the Coordinate System menu, you can select the Horizontal and Vertical systems. If the Coordinate System you need is not in the dropdown, select Edit List

Within the Coordinate System List, select Add to add additional Coordinate Systems

There are several different options for adding coordinate systems, in this guide we are covering how to add Pre-Defined or Database Coordinate System. Please see the links below for guides on importing and creating custom coordinate systems. 

To access the database with Pre-Existing coordinate systems, press Select Coordinate System from Database.

Next, use the drop-downs to locate your desired Coordinate System.

Once the Coordinate System has been located select Ok

You will be returned to the Coordinate System List menu. Within the menu select OK. 

You will now have the Coordinate System you selected available in the drop down. 

Select OK save the change. 

Upon selecting OK you will be returned to the Map Screen

Project Setup

Vertical System

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