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Selecting a Geoid File

Why is My Elevation Way Out?

A tell tale sign of needing a Geoid file (or needing to disable a Geoid file) is an elevation bust of approximately 20 m or 65 ft. If you encounter this, you will need to determine what the best Geoid is for your area. 

What is a Geoid File?

A geoid file is a vertical coordinate system that corrects for the distortion in the Earth’s shape caused by gravity. In reality, the Earth is not a perfect ellipsoid, as is assumed in the Ellipsoidal model. A Geoid file corrects for this. Typically, differences between 20-30 m / 65-100 ft will be seen in elevation. To learn more, check out the below link. 

How Do I Enable a Geoid File?

In order to enable the option to select a Geoid file in FieldGenius, you will first need to download the appropriate file for your region. You can find various different Geoids at the link below. 

For Canada, typical Geoid files are HT2 and CGG2013. In the United States, typical Geoid files are Geoid12 and Geoid18. In order to determine which is best for you, please contact your local surveying association or refer to what is required for your work. 

Once your geoid file has been located and downloaded, you will need to open a File Explorer Window. Within the File Explorer Menu, select the Program Data folder. This is likely in the Local Disk (C:) location. 

If you do not see the Program Data folder, select View, and ensure that Hidden Files is enabled. 

Once enabled a folder for Program Data should appear. 

Navigate to the Mapping folder by selecting; MicroSurvey -> FieldGenius -> (Version Number) -> Mapping

Once the Mapping folder has been selected, paste the Geoid file into the folder. Once the file has been copied to the folder, open FieldGenius. There are two places to enable the Geoid file. Either through the New Project menu or the Coordinate System selection. To learn how to do it through the New Project menu, select the guide below.

To access the Coordinate System menu, select the Plumb Bob in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Within the Main Menu select the Settings option. 

Within the Settings menu, select Coordinate System

Within the Coordinate System Settings, you can select the Geoid file you had entered. 

New Project

Importing Data (.txt)

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