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S631: Log On to the WebUI

Connecting to the Receiver

In order to connect to the WebUI, you will need to first connect to the WiFi signal of the receiver. Do note, this is not a real internet signal, but a setup page broadcast by the receiver.

On your device, go to the page you choose your WiFi signal on. Locate the WiFi network with the same name as the serial number of your receiver. 

Once selected, it may say connected, or connecting. As long as the signal does not disconnect, you are ready to proceed. 

Launch any web browser that you normally use and enter the following web address into the search bar:

You will be prompted to enter the Username and Password for the receiver. If you have not changed the Username or the Password, they are as follows:

Username: admin

Password: s631

Select Sign in once entered. 

Immediately upon entering the Username and Password, you will be Status page. From here you can navigate to any settings page you need. 

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