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Recording Static Data

What is Static Data?

When recording static data with a GNSS receiver, you are recording the satellite information to a file to be post processed at a later date. This information can be used to calculate a more accurate position, even down to mms if long enough observation times are used. To learn bit more about static data, check out the below article. 

How Do I Record Static Data?

To record static data with the Hemisphere S631, you will need to connect to the WebUI. Please consult the below guide on connecting to the WebUI. 

Once connected to the WebUI, select the Settings option in the top right corner. 

Within the Settings menu, ensure the Working Mode is set to Static

With Static mode selected, you can select Save to set the Working Mode

Once saved, you will be returned to the Status page, where you can select Start Record to enable the data collection. 

Once selected, the static file will be begin to be logged to the receiver. To achieve centimetre or better results, record at minimum 4 hours, assuming good conditions. For more information on downloading and processing the data, see the below guides. 

You can stop the recording at any time by selecting Stop Record or by turning the receiver off. Your file will not be lost if the receiver loses power or the receiver is turned off. 

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