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S631: Wifi Base Broadcast

Want to Connect to Satellite Internet?

If you need to broadcast over a Wifi signal, you will need a couple of things before you start. This includes a serial cable, and an installation of Pocket Max. See the link below for an installer. 

With Pocket Max installed, connect to the WebUI. If you are unsure of how to do this, please see the S631: Logging into the WebUI Guide.

Once connected, select the Settings option in the top right corner.

Within the Settings menu, select the Device Configuration option. 

Next locate the Direct Link option. Ensure that OEM is selected. 

Once selected, choose the Save option in the bottom right corner of the menu. 

Next, if you are using the same computer to connect to run Pocket Max, ensure that you reconnect to the Wifi signal you wish to use. Open Pocket Max on your computer. 

Select the Serial Port you are connected to and select Connect

Once connected on the correct port, select the Pocket Max 4 option. 

Once loaded in, select the NTRIP option. 

Within the NTRIP menu, enter the base station login information. This includes the IP Address, Port and Password. On the differential Mount Points, put the base Username

Once entered, select the Start NTRIP Server option. 

If everything is set correctly, you should now be broadcasting. Try to connect the rover or drone. 

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