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Cropping an Image

To crop an image in MSCAD (MicroSurvey CAD), you can follow these steps:

  1. Use the Clipping Boundary Tool:

    • When you want to crop an image in MSCAD, you would use Clip Image command under the image dropdown
  2. Draw the Clipping Boundary:

    • Once you have selected the clip image command, you would select the image that you would like to crop. 
    • There are three options once you selected the image: Off, Delete and New Boundary. If you would like to crop the image, pick New boundary
    • Once that has been selected, several options will appear: Select polyline/Polygonal/Rectangular/Invert clip
    • Find the best ways to draw your desired boundary, and click enter once you have determined the boundary. MSCAD will auto generate the new boundary and crop anything outside of it. 
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