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Drawing Splines

Drawing splines in MSCAD involves using commands and tools designed to create smooth curves that pass through or near specified points in your drawing. Here’s how you can draw a spline in MSCAD:

Steps to Draw a Spline:

  1. Spline Command:

    • In MSCAD, splines are typically drawn using a dedicated command. Look for a “Spline” tool in Home and Draw tab, or type SPLINE in the command line and press Enter.
  2. Specify Control Points:

    • Click on the drawing area to specify the control points of the spline curve. These points determine the shape and path of the spline.
  3. Adjust Tangency:

    • After specifying control points, MSCAD may allow you to adjust tangency or smoothness of the spline. This helps in controlling how the spline curve transitions between points.
  4. Complete Spline Drawing:

    • Continue clicking to add more control points as needed to define the spline curve. MSCAD will dynamically update the spline preview based on the points you specify. When you are finished with creating the spline, click enter.
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