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Extruding a Drawing

In MSCAD (MicroSurvey CAD), the process of extruding typically involves extending 2D shapes or lines into 3D objects. Here’s how you can perform an extrusion in MSCAD:

  1. Locate the Command

    • In order to initiate extrude command, you would need to have a planar closed entity. 
    • Go to Draw 3D tab on the top and locate the Extrude command. This command is located near the middle of the content pane. 
  2. Utilize the Command:

    • Once you clicked on the extrude command, select a closed 2D entity, or entities. Once you selected all the entities you would like to extrude, press enter and it will prompt you to ender either extrusion height or direction.
    • Once you have define those, a 2D planar closed entity will turn into 3D figure. 
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